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Offering Creative Consultancy & Organisational Dramaturgy that helps you make the most of your people, your processes and your organisation’s performance
Organisational Dramaturgy


'I can’t think of a single person, project or organisation that wouldn’t benefit from a little Lou Cope magic!’    

Sharon Duggal - Head of Communications - South East Dance 


Cope & Co offer Creative Consultancy that helps you make the most of your people, your processes and your organisation’s performance.

For the past 25 years, Lou Cope has worked as Dramaturg and Creative Consultant to hundreds of organisations across Europe.

She’s known for being a ‘creative, pragmatic alchemist’ who brings her professional practice from the performance world into any organisation, and helps you find clarity, integrity, shape and efficiency.

Cope & Co brings Lou together with some of the finest people she has met in her long and varied career to offer Organisational Dramaturgy, Evaluation and Facilitation either together or as separate entities.

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Because you are necessarily blinded by your own proximity to your organisation, staff and processes

Because having someone on the outside of the inside, to explore how things work with both objectivity and imagination, will help you and your team interrogate, challenge and develop what you do

 Because it is important that every now and again you pause for breath, take stock of how things are going and ensure that you are all travelling in the best way possible towards the best future imaginable

 Because yours is an organisation with people at it’s heart, not numbers

Every organisation would benefit from having a Dramaturg in Residence: someone who can be a critical friend, help you to see the bigger picture and enable you to evaluate and improve processes. I feel very privileged to have benefited from Lou Cope's practice in this way.


Lou has helped our organisation to consider and clarify what we do, why we do it and how we can do it best. She gently pushes, questions and steps back when needed  - empowering the organisation and the people who work within it.  She has a talent to get to the heart of an idea or challenge, whilst keeping an eye on the big picture; this alongside her creativity, care and enthusiasm brings powerful and unique insight into any working environment.

Elizabeth Mischler, South East Dance (Producer, Artist Development Programme)


Organisational Dramaturgy is a type of consultancy, but it comes through the lens of the arts and is an act of empathy, creativity and imagination

What Actually Happens?


Facilitation is the careful holding of space to enable people to organise and interrogate their thoughts, gain new insights, and decide what actions to take.

Our approach to facilitation is to listen carefully to what your organisation or group wants to achieve and then to design a process that will lead you to the results you desire.

While drawing on an extensive range of methodologies, from informal ‘world café’ style conversations to more tightly managed ‘consensus methodology’, Lou also navigates these processes with creativity and a sense of personal daring.

She nurtures and demands truth, and works carefully with its consequence.

The Cope & Co team can help facilitate conversations between two people at a table, two hundred people in a huge hall and everything in between. Lou will put a team together to cater for your needs.

Members of the Co. have worked in a wide array of different organisational and community settings including the Ministry of Justice, the Home Office, South East Dance, Comic Relief, Brighton Dome and Festival, and Brighton and Hove Primary Care Trust.



If you have any questions, just call Lou for a chat.
But in case it’s useful, here is some more information on what Cope & Co do.

How long does it take?

That depends upon you, the size of the organisation and the scope of the project. We’ll work it out together.

How much does it cost?

That depends on the scope of the project. Once we’ve had our initial consultation with you, we’ll talk figures.

Where would it take place?

Within your organisation, in a neutral space, in a performance studio, on the beach… ? That will depend on what we think your staff would best respond to.



"Having a Dramaturg present within my organisation has been both refreshing and invigorating. Lou brings such clarity of thought, creativity, vision, and understanding; and she made me see things from alternative perspectives. She has strengthened team dynamics and communication (proving essential), provided brainstorming sessions like none I've ever experienced and continues to be completely committed to the best outcomes of our organisation. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this experience and would highly recommend it to others"
Staff member - South East Dance

"Working with Lou has been a life changing experience for me. She has an amazing capacity to be your best friend yet at the same time tell you what works and what doesn't. Her constant attention to detail about what is being created, and why, has forced me to understand my own work and practice at a level I never knew existed."
Gary Clarke (UK) –– Winner of UK Theatre Award for COAL 2016



Lou Cope / Founder

Lou Cope is a Performance Dramaturg with 25 years’ experience in working with artists, organisations and academic institutions to creatively develop their working processes. She has worked across Europe and the UK on hundreds of projects in a wide variety of contexts, and her projects have even picked up an Olivier Award and UK Theatre Award along the way.

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The Co:

These are some of the fine people who Lou might invite to collaborate on your project, depending on your specific needs ...

Naomi Alexander

Naomi is a creative producer and theatre maker with 20 years experience of working across the theatre and community development sectors. She is currently Artistic Director of Brighton People’s Theatre working closely with the Brighton Festival enabling them to engage with communities in the city through Your Place.

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Becky Edmunds

Becky Edmunds trained as a dancer and choreographer and has been a practicing artist for 30 years. She is also a highly experienced Development Producer and has supported many organisations with project management, creative problem solving and strategies for collaborative working.

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Paul Burns

Paul Burns is a freelance consultant, currently based in Hove. He works with people and organisations across a range of artforms including dance, theatre and live art, predominantly in the areas of artist development, strategy and leadership. He is Associate Director at Greenwich Dance and was previously Interim Artistic Director of Yorkshire Dance, and Director of Programming and Production for DanceXchange and International Dance Festival Birmingham.

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